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b-laziken asked:

You should do Death the Kid in number 7 or 8 8D (psst I follow you on dA & from subeta woah)



Aww hi! Glad to know you follow me in those places hahaha <33 (I recognize your name xD)

Here’s Kid in 8! I really have no idea what I’m doing with these drawings anymore hahaha. Non-gif version is here.

Send me a character + number from here(1) or here(2) and I’ll draw it! (please say whether it’s sheet 1 or 2 so I don’t get the palettes confused)






Where is everyone findin this studf

Yo’, heads up for people curious. This art and the official new Hoenn map were both illustrated by the Pokemon TCG artist Kawaguchi Yoohei, who illustrates under the nickname ‘kawayoo’.

Their style is SUPER distinct so I spotted it right off the bat very excitedly!

They have a personal website here and a pixiv here, and you can also see an extensive list of Pokemon cards illustrated by them here!

You can also see the new Hoenn map from the press kit here, and this artwork in full HD here (it’s about 10MB just forewarning y’all.) 

Thanks for including these sources and that info.
This is always important and now I’ve got another artist to add to my favs list, so thank you!
It’s also up on the official ORAS Japanese page too!


Lazlo Valentin is extremely mentally unstable. He has a tendency to speak cryptic babble that’d apparently make no sense, but when analyzed, it’s full of abstract symbolism, implying that he has a chemical imbalance in his brain, which forces him to see reality as a nebulous mass of chaos. His obsession with the human body is carried over into his modus operandi: by lobotomizing his victims and grafting masks onto their faces, he is unifying ordinary people under his own twisted idea of beauty. Professor Pyg can easily be considered Damian’s answer to Batman’s Joker due to the villain’s dangerous methods.

The Pig, by Alexandre Ka.



More shots of the Trainer Red nendoroid ⊟

I’m not really into owning video game features, and I’m not even that serious about ‘mons, but I’m seriously considering picking up this nendoroid when Good Smile releases it to Japan this September (priced at ¥4,500/$44).

Real talk, I’d be more excited if this showed up on my doorstep than I would be if someone sent me Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire.

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